Bespoke Rug Project – Sumptuous Rugs for a Hampstead Home

At Tapis Hang Kenh, our aim is to match each client with their ideal luxury rug, and a with our custom rug design service there is no need to compromise. Embarking on a bespoke rug project opens the doors to an infinite range of possibilities, but our vast design inventory provides a great starting point.

This was the case for a couple looking to furnish their new home in Hampstead. They had been in the house several weeks, gradually adding pieces of furniture and decorations to the blank canvas of their new-build. However, after a time, they came to realise that there was still something missing. The rooms seemed cold, empty, and lacking in character. What they needed were some show stopping rugs. And so an exciting new bespoke rug project was born.

The couple came to our showroom fully prepared with the sizes of the rugs they required for each space, photos of their existing furniture and a vision of what they wanted to achieve. We began with looking through our stock pieces to show the quality of our product and to provide inspiration, before focusing on our design portfolio of elegant geometric designs. These rugs fitted perfectly with the modern clean lines of the tables and chairs they had already purchased. The next step was to recolour the designs, using a combination of on-screen visualisations and wool colour tufts. The beauty of this is that colours can be picked out from various different elements of the rooms, from artworks to fabrics and accessories. We would see these advantages for ourselves when we visited the client in 18 weeks time, with their new bespoke rugs.

Bespoke Rug Project – Sumptuous Rugs for a Hampstead Home

When we first entered the property, we were struck by a beautiful glass staircase, which punctuated a very modern open-plan space. The floor was vast, an expanse of pale wood flooring, and we couldn’t help feeling the place looked a little unfinished, which of course it was. We began in the study, the only closed in room on the ground floor, to place an elegant transitional rug. We then moved to the library, living room, dining room and conservatory. It was wonderful watching the place take shape. With our help and guidance, the clients had made excellent choices, injecting just the right amount of colour and pattern into their rooms and accentuating their luxurious aesthetic. A stunning transformation.

Bespoke Rug Project – Sumptuous Rugs for a Hampstead Home

Interested in Commissioning your own Bespoke Rug Project?

At Tapis Hang Kenh we take on rug projects of all sizes, from single bespoke pieces, to whole design projects. We can design from scratch or adjust any of our existing designs. To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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